Sunday, September 6, 2009

i never crossed my mind at all,
that's what i tell myself,
what we had, has come and gone,
u better off with someone else,
it's for the best, iknow it is,
but i see u sometimes i try to hide what i feel inside,
and i turn around u're with him now,
i just cant figure it out,
tell me why, u're so hard to forget,
dont remind me, im not over it,
tell me why, i cant seems to face the truth,
im just a little too not over u,,
memories suppose to fade,
what's wrong with my heart,
shake it off,let it go,
didnt thinks it'd be this hard,
should be strong moving on,
maybe i regret everything i said,
no way to take it all back,
now im on my own,
how i let u go,
i'll never understand....


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